Welcome to 6th Grade Art



    6th grade students have
    art once a week.
    They will start the year
    working on props for their
    Muse Machine production.
    After which they will be
    doing projects that review
    and emphasize principles
    and elements of design. 
    They will be doing more
    culturally- focused projects
    during the second half of
    the year.
       Projects may include:
       ~Expressive Lines
       ~ Theater Design
         for Muse Machine
        ~ Tin Texture Project
       ~Art Museum drawing with


       ~Canopic Jar

         & Heiroglyphics
        ~Asian Indian Mosaic Tile

      ~ Oriental Painting &

         Artist Chop



    Expressive Line Drawings
    by Miami East 6th Graders:



Last Modified on August 9, 2017