• Mrs. Everett's
    Elem. Art Room Rules
    1. Be Responsible
    • Be to class on time
    • Hands on your own work... If you didn't make it - don't touch it!
    • Put things away where they go
    • First name, last initial, class # on EVERYTHING you make.
    2. Be Respectful
    • Speak kind words
    • Share
    • Again: Hands on your own work
    • Take care of the art room and art materials
    3. Be Helpful
    • Lend a hand in cleaning up
    • Again: Share
    • Kind reminders (You may not do someone's project for them, but you may remnd them of the directions or give them ideas.)
    4. Be Safe
    • Follow all safety rules
    • Carry scissors and other sharp objects carefully
    • WALK... and WATCH where you are going
    • Keep the floor clean
    • All chair legs on the floor
    5. Be Ready to Learn
    • Come into class quietly, hands in lap, and wait for directions
    • Listen to your teacher
    • Listen carefully to directions
    • Follow directions
    • Give it your best effort!
    and of course... Be Creative!
Last Modified on August 23, 2009