• Miami East Local School District
    Internet Web Page Content Guidelines


       1.   Unless proper authorization is obtained, no photos of students or full names should be included on web pages. Photos taken during extracurricular events are not subject to this restriction. Authorization requires that parent complete the parental permission form available at the main office of each of the buildings.


        2.  Material on Miami East’s site should be complementary to school and shall fall into one of the following categories:

    • Provides an educational service to students of Miami East
    • Provides a service to staff of Miami East
    • Enhances the communications and interactions with parents of Miami East
    • Serves as outreach to the community. For example, it may inform the public of upcoming events and activities, or provide information about recent public events, meetings or activities. This material should be similar in content to what is traditionally communicated through local news media.
    • Demonstrates the completion of a student or class project.


        3.     All web pages should be void of any photos or text relating to profanity/inappropriate language, sexually explicit content, tastelessness, alcohol and drug use, nudity, crime and violence. School code of conduct is in force.

        4.    Web pages should not contain any material that is in violation of copyright laws.

        5.    Web pages should not link to any other sites that are in violation of any Miami East Local School’s Acceptable Use Policy.All links should be well researched and should enhance the value of the content.

        6.    The location of web pages with the Miami East Local School’s site should be appropriate to the content. Materials relevant to a building should be available from that building’s web page.

        7.    All pages need the Miami East Local School’s disclaimer statement clearly displayed at the bottom. The statement shall read, "This page was created by employees of the Miami East Local Schools (MELS) for the sole purpose or providing an electronic communication media to the Miami East community and guests from around the world. No part of the MELS pages may be copied without consent of the Miami East Local Schools. Information contained on the official MELS pages is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge at time of publication. Any personal pages on or connected to this site do not necessarily reflect the views of MELS and its Board of Education. If you have questions or concerns about this page, please contact us by e-mail or write to: Miami East Board of Education, 3825 North State Route 589, Casstown, OH 45312."

        8.    All e-mail addresses referenced shall be school addresses. They shall not be personal or student addresses.

        9.    All pages should include the following:

    • Creator’s name and/or sponsoring teacher
    • Last date the page was updated
    • A link to the MELS home page
    • A link to the building home page
Last Modified on May 30, 2017