Miami East Junior High Parent Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2009


INTRODUCTIONS: Those in attendance included:  Allen Mack, Cathy Blankenship, Amy Fogt, Michelle Coates, Melody Shively, Joyce Parker, Stephanie Copeland and Mary Ann Bick




A.  Secretary's Report – Melody Shively made a motion to approve the November minutes and Amy Fogt seconded the motion.


B.  Treasurer's Report – Michelle Coates reported that the total fund raiser revenue was $9938.00 with a payout of $5709.65 for a profit of $4448.55.  This is being split evenly between the Principal's Fund and PAC.  The PAC's profit is $2114.17.  Mr. Mack indicated that the Magician assembly for any student that sold at least two items or turned in the magazine Reach Out booklet will be on Feb. 26th at 8:00 a.m.  Melody Shively made a motion to approve the Treasurer's report and Amy Fogt seconded it.




A.  Cotillion Themes – 1) 80's  2) Clue / mayhem mystery  3) Hawaiian Luau

No definite date has been set yet for the Cotillion but looking at April 17 as a possibility.  Mr. Mack will have the students vote for one of these three themes.


B.  Blue and White Tickets – This is going very well and the names of the winners of all the drawings can be found on the website under Junior Highlights.  The last White Ticket drawing was mid-November.  The next White Ticket drawing will be on either the 18th of December or right after Christmas break.  We have enough prizes for one more White Ticket drawing but will need to get more prizes, possibly Viking Spirit Wear and movie passes. The kids seem to like these prizes.   The next Blue Ticket drawing will be around January 15th.  The $660 spent on Wal-Mart gift cards for Blue Ticket drawings will get us through the rest of the year, but we will need around $300 for more White Ticket drawing prizes.  At the end of the year all Blue and White tickets are put together for one large drawing. 


C.  Market Day – Mr. Mack gave Michelle Coates two checks to deposit from October and November's sales, totaling $609.71.  Mr. Mack inquired about whether or not the two classes that won the Pennies for Pies contest had their donut party.  Mary Ann Bick said the parties were on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.


D.  Volleyball Trophies – Cathy Blankenship reported that the 8th grade girls' volleyball team received their trophies and were happy with them.  Mr. Mack said that a picture of them holding their trophies is on the website.








  1. Operation Grade Card / Staff Meals for Winter Conferences on Jan 20th and Feb. 20th – PAC discussed possibility of pot luck versus a restaurant-catered meal.  PAC agreed to stay will restaurant-catered meal. 

1.      Wednesday, January 20th – Steph Copeland will order El Sombrero.  Melody Shively will pick up and provide dessert.

2.      Wednesday, February 24th – Steph Copeland will order pizzas.  Pizza providers to be identified.  Steph Copeland will check prices and provide at next PAC meeting.  8 pizzas will be ordered.  Mary Ann Bick will pick up and provide dessert.  Amy Fogt will provide salad.

  1. PAC Christmas Tree - is set up in Auditeria - thanks to Kathy Skidmore.




  1. 6th Grade Party – Michelle Coates has parent volunteers.
  2. Restrooms by Gym – Need paper towels for basketball games
  3. Career Day at M.E. – Melody Shively discussed the possibility of having a career day at M.E. in May.  Melody is leading this task.  She is gathering more information and will provide an update at our January meeting.
  4. Viking Fest –
    1. Steph Copeland brought up possibility of having a Tug O War on the main stage.
    2. Karaoke looks doubtful for Viking Fest so Tug O War could replace.
    3. PAC needs space for Rock Band Wii game.
  5. Concession Stand at Basketball games –
    1. Cathy Blankenship will coordinate a concession stand for girl’s home games.
    2. Steph Copeland will coordinate a concession stand for boy’s home games.
    3. Steph Copeland to ask Tonya Nuss, last year’s coordinator, about start up costs and what this year’s PAC need to know to get this going.
    4. Mr. Mack reminds PAC that the concession stand and hallway needs to be cleaned up at conclusion of games.
    5. Mr. Mack can assist PAC is having a few tables and chairs left out for patrons to eat at.
  6. Office Workers – Amy Fogt has volunteers set up to help with Jr. High office and copy work.


The next regular PAC meeting will be Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Steph Copeland, Secretary