Review of January 15, 2008

Reorganizational Board Meeting



ADMINISTER OATH OF OFFICE:  The Treasurer of Miami East Local Schools, Michael Sommer, administered the Oath of Office to Board Members:


            Brad Burton and Rusty Miller


ROLL CALL:           

Brad Burton

Harold Brumfield

                                    Mark Davis

                                    Rusty Miller

                                    Lucy Taylor


Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Mark Davis, Rusty Miller, Lucy Taylor, and Harold Brumfield in attendance.

Also in attendance were: Annette Baker, staff member; Sharrie Hines, Miami County MRDD; Krista Ferguson, parent; Mindy Conn, parent; Laura Davie, parent; David Davie, parent; Dustin Fisher, Troy Daily Newspaper; and Doug Page, Dayton Daily Newspaper.




                  a)       President – Rusty Miller


                                                Nomination(s) – Rusty Miller

                                  Motion to close nominations – Harold Brumfield



b)         Vice-President – Lucy Taylor


   Nomination(s)- Lucy Taylor

             Motion to close nominations – Brad Burton



     c)       Administer Oath(s) of Office: Mr. Sommer administered the Oath of
                           Office to Rusty Miller, President and Lucy Taylor, Vice-President.



d)         Schedule of Regular Monthly Board Meetings:

                                 Date:  3rd Tuesday of each month, except January (4th Tuesday)

                                  Time:   7:00 P.M.

                                Place:   Miami East K-8 School


      e)       Committee Appointments for 2008:

                        1)      OSBA (Legislative Liaison & Student Achievement Liaison) – Brad Burton

                        2)      M.V.C.T.C. – Mark Davis

                                    3)      Athletic Council – Rusty Miller

                                    4)      Facilities – Harold Brumfield

5)         Alumni Hall of Fame – Brad Burton

6)         Miami East Foundation – Rusty Miller

7)         Audit Committee – All five members of the Miami East Board of





     Annette Baker addressed the Board of Education on behalf of the Miami East Education Association (MEEA).  Mrs. Baker recognized the Board of Education and presented Board members on behalf of the MEEA with a cake and card in recognition of “School Board Recognition Month”.  Mrs. Baker thanked the Board members for all they do for the staff and students at Miami East.  In addition, Mrs. Baker presented each Board member with a certificate of appreciation.

            Sharrie Hines from the Miami County MRDD invited the Board and staff members to several events being hosted by
Riverside.  Mrs. Hines shared that additional information regarding events and activities are posted on the MRDD web site.

            Krista Ferguson expressed concerns and frustration with the practice schedule currently being offered by the Miami East Youth Wrestling Program.  Mrs. Ferguson does not believe two nights of practice are enough for the number of first time wrestlers involved in the program.  Mrs. Ferguson asked the Board to approve additional practice time for these students.

            David Davie representing the Miami East Youth Wrestling Program shared with the Board the Program’s handbook and addressed the current practice schedule.  Mr. Davie shared that two nights of practice is recognized as an appropriate amount of time for youth this age and believes the schedule is appropriate for the number of students currently involved in the program and who attend on a regular basis.


            Mindy Conn expressed similar concerns with the current practice schedule and requested additional time be given for first year wrestlers.


            Laura Davie shared that she supports the program and the amount of time currently offered to students involved in the program.  Mrs. Davie shared that from her experience students beginning in wrestling experience a learning curve with rules and techniques that are addressed the longer the students are involved in the program.

            Mr. Rappold addressed the situation and offered the following suggestions.  First, Mr. Rappold reminded the BOE that historically the BOE has offered facilities for Youth Programs throughout the year, but has always removed itself from the internal decisions made by these outside programs.  Mr. Rappold warned the BOE of the precedent it would set if it began involving itself in the bylaws and decisions of countless Youth Programs that occur throughout the year.  Mr. Rappold strongly recommended that the BOE distance itself from internal conflicts within youth organizations.  Secondly, Mr. Rappold shared that based on his conversations with numerous parents involved in the wrestling program that the primary source of conflict arose over a lack of communication.  Mr. Rappold had heard numerous rumors and conflicting stories, one of which included creating a second wrestling club.  Mr. Rappold suggested that the parents in the program speak with one another to see if an acceptable solution could be developed.





A.           Review Alternative Tax Budget Document -  Mr. Sommer reviewed and
      explained the Alternate Tax Budget Document with the Board.


B.           Approval to authorize contractual payments, authorize payments 

of  bills, borrow funds, request advance of taxes and invest funds for 2008.   


C.           Approval of “A Resolution declaring that the Board Of Education

of  the Miami East Local School District has reviewed the documents and   

information prepared by the chief fiscal officer of the Miami East Local School District for submission to the Budget Commission of Miami County, Ohio, in relation to the Alternative Tax Document format filing provided under section 5705.281 of the Ohio Revised Code and authorized by said commission for the fiscal year 2009, and that said body approves the same”, as prepared by legal counsel for the Miami County Budget Commission. 


            D.        Approval of the minutes of the regular board meeting of December

                        18, 2007, as presented by the treasurer. 


E.         Approval of the financial statements for December, 2007. 


F.        OTHER:



> >> >












          1.     Approval of acceptance of Ronald Jackson’s letter of resignation,

for retirement purposes, effective through February 29, 2008.


2.        Approval of Patricia Gentis’s request for maternity leave

  to coincide with FMLA beginning March 10, 2008 through

      April 18, 2008.


3.       Approval of sub teachers who have been approved by the Miami  
 County Educational Service Center and on file in the central office.

     These are all on an as needed basis for the 2007-08 school year.

     The board-approved rate of pay has been set at $75.00 per day

     through 10th consecutive day and $83.00 per day from 11th day

     through 60 days in the same position, then placed on beginning

     salary schedule.




                   Approval of Calendar   B  ” for the 2008-2009 school
            year.  Mr. Rappold thanked this year’s Calendar Committee consisting of
            Carolyn Grimm, Janet Stevens, and Meghan Arnold for their time and
            effort in creating next year’s calendar.





                             Approval to advertise for bids to replace the varsity stadium    
                        bleachers, with a bid opening on
February 8, 2008, at 3:00 P.M.





     Approval of the selection of the following telephone service

                        providers, following the competitive bid process as outlined by the
                        Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, for the
                        2008-09 school year:

·         Local Telephone Service - Verizon North, Inc.

·         Long Distance - Qwest Communications Corporation

·         Internet Service - Metropolitan Dayton Education Cooperative Association (MDECA)




    -       Mr. Rappold shared this month’s edition of the The Board- “If Your Vote is in
                        the Minority”.


    -      Miami East Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Applications due by 1/30/08


    -       Miami East 4th Annual Staff Appreciation Night – Friday, February 1,


-       Mr.  Rappold shared that the district had received notice this morning that
        Miami East will be one of only twenty districts across the state that will 
        receive an E-Tech Electronic Portfolio Grant, totaling $20,000.  Mr.
        Rappold shared that Mrs. Heidi Perry, Mr. Don Nuss, and himself had
        worked for the past two months on the grant and were very excited to hear
        of the news this morning.  Mrs. Perry will be attending a conference in
        early February to begin the process of designing the implementation of the
        new program beginning next year.  The grant money will assist in
        purchasing the needed computer hardware to implement and assist high
        school students in creating their own electronic portfolios. 


    -       Mr. Rappold recognized Mr. Doug Page, reporter from the Dayton Daily
            Newspaper.  This evening’s Board of Education Meeting will be the last
            meeting Mr. Page will cover for the DDN.  Mr. Page will be transferred to
            other districts beginning next month.  Mr. Rappold thanked Mr. Page for
            his coverage of events and activities in the district.



ADJOURNMENT: The Miami East Board of Education adjourned the meeting at 8:20 p.m.










Miami East K-8 School

February 19, 2008

7:00  P.M.