Review of December 18, 2007

Regular Board Meeting


Brad Burton, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., held in room 602 at Miami East Junior High School. The country was honored by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Mark Davis, Rusty Miller, Lucy Taylor, and Harold Brumfield in attendance.

�� �������� Also in attendance were: Matt Roth, staff member; Chad Widener, staff member; Meagan McKinney, student; Katie Denlinger, student; and Dustin Fisher, Troy Daily Newspaper.




There were no public comments heard.





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Mr. Chad Widener and members of Miami East Jr. High Student Council discussed their �Save the Children of the Sudan� project.From November 5th � 19th Miami East students did their part to Save the Children of the Sudan.Students made donations during homeroom, lunch, and social studies classes.


Meagan McKinney and Katie Denlinger both attended to describe how students across the district participated in the project.


Mr. Widener recognized Meagan for being the Junior High student that collected the largest amount of money.Additionally, Mr. Widener described the importance of students participating in the program to have a better understanding how other children live.The program was an excellent reminder to our students of how fortunate we are in Miami County in comparison to other countries around the world.


The Board of Education thanked all who helped and contributed to the project.The students collected over $3,600 for the children of the Sudan.Mr. Burton presented Mr. Widener and the Junior High Student Council Certificates of Appreciation for their contributions and efforts.

In addition, Mr. Rappold recognized two students who have been selected to participate in educational programs abroad.The first was Kaitlin Hatton, a seventh grade student at the Junior High.Kaitlin was one of only forty middle school students in Ohio to be accepted as a U.S. People to People Student Ambassador. This is a national program that was started by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, as a way of encouraging young people to learn about foreign countries and different cultures.  Being nominated and accepted as a delegate, Kaitlin will have the opportunity to travel to France, Italy, and Greece for 20 days next June.  Kaitlin will be asking several civic clubs, etc. for donations and /or contributions for sponsorship.  If anyone is interested in making a donation to assist Kaitlin in her fundraising or know of an organization that would like to assist, please contact Mr. Rappold.


The second student is Annie Sanders.Annie just completed her first quarter at Ohio State University.Annie was accepted to participate in the International Student Volunteers Program. She will travel to Thailand for a month, during which she will teach Thai children English, work with the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand, and also with Habitat for Humanity. If anyone is interested in making a donation to assist Annie in her fundraising or know of an organization that would like to assist, please contact Mr. Rappold.




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A.     Approval of the minutes of the November 5, 2007, special board meeting and the November 19, 2007 regular board meeting, as presented by the treasurer.


B.     Approval of the financial statements for November, 2007.


C. Approval of A Resolution Declaring The Intention To Proceed

Under The Alternative Tax Document Format Provided Under Section
5705.281Of The Ohio Revised Code And To Refrain From The
Preparation Of A Tax Budget For The Fiscal Year 2008, And Authorizing
And Directing The Chief Fiscal Officer Of The Miami East Local School
Board of Education To Prepare And To Submit To The Miami County
Budget Commission Such Information And Documents As Are Necessary
Incident To Said Process And Submission, And To Take Such Other
Actions As May Be Reasonably Necessary Incident Thereto, as prepared
by legal counsel for the Miami County Budget Commission.


D. Approval to appoint Lucy Taylor, as president pro temp, for the
re-organizational meeting, to be held at the Miami East
Jr.High/Elementary School on January 15, 2008. The FY 2009
Alternative Budget Document will be reviewed at this meeting.


E. Approval of the annual 2008 membership dues, annual Briefcase
subscription, and subscription to School Management News.


F.      Approval of a lease agreement for rental of farm for the 2008 season,
with Brian Francis, for 24 acres more or less, and to be farmed at $125.00
per acre.


- FY 2008 Alternative Budget Document Mr. Sommer informed the
Board of Education that he would be presenting the FY 2008 Budget
during the January meeting.


- This months School Finance Newsletter was shared with Board


- Mr. Sommer detailed the Audit Status to Board members. The districts
audit has now been completed and is expected to be released to the
public in the next week. The audit was completed by Clark, Schaefer,
Hackett and Company.




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1. Approval of Katie Hartleys request for maternity leave to coincide

with FMLA beginning January 28, 2008 through April 28, 2008.


2. Approval of substitute teachers who have been approved by the
Miami County Educational Service Center, and on file in the central
office. These are all on an as needed basis for the 2007-08 school year.
The board-approved rate of pay has been set at $75.00 per day through
10th consecutive days, and $83.00 per day from 11th day through 60 days
in the same position, then placed on beginning salary schedule.

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              - Board of Education members received this months edition of The Board
Your Approach To Difficult Issues & What Performance Indicators
Should You Monitor?


- Mr. Rappold shared an update of the varsity stadium home-side bleacher
project. Over ten excavation and demolition companies have been
contacted to gather quotes for the demolition of the existing bleachers.
The Miami East Athletic Boosters have volunteered to contribute to the
cost of the demolition of the bleachers. Additionally, it is expected that
bids for the bleachers will be advertised in January. The cost of the
bleachers is being paid for using Permanent Improvements funds, our
upcoming soda contract, and donations from area businesses. The new
bleachers will have multiple exits and entrances, will have handrails on all
of the aisles, will include handicapped accessible ramps, and will be
completely enclosed for greater safety for visitors. The existing aluminum
seats will be reused on the visitor bleachers to better enclose those
bleachers for visitors.

- Mr. Rappold updated the Board of the Ohio Schools Facilities
Commission (OSFC) reassessment of High School. OSFC visited the
High School in November and reassessed the entire facility. A group of
four independent architects inspected every classroom and space in the
high school. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the OSFC
recommendation for the future of the facility.

The district anticipates receiving the results of the reassessment in
January. After the results have been received the Board of Education will
then begin the process of engaging parents and residents in the future of
either the construction of a new high school facility or the renovation of
the existing building.

- Vikingfest 2008 Miami East Education Foundation - Mr. Rappold
reminded everyone of the Foundations upcoming Vikingfest that will take
place on Saturday, February 23rd.


- The Board of Education received a copy of the thank you letter recently
sent to the Piqua Fraternal of Eagles. The donation will be used to assist
with the implementation of an electronic grade book that will be piloted at
the elementary.


- Mr. Rappold also shared that a letter of appreciation was being sent to the
Elizabeth Township Trustees for their recent donation of a used
convection oven. The oven will be used at the high school.




- General Discussion(s)




ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.



NEXT MEETING (Re-Organizational)


January 15, 2008

7:00 P.M.