Review of December 19, 2006

Regular Board Meeting


Brad Burton, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., held in room 602 at Miami East Junior High School. The country was honored by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Mark Davis, Rusty Miller, Lucy Taylor, and Harold Brumfield in attendance.

Also in attendance were: Ceal Turnbull, staff member; Suzie Weber, staff member; Annie Sanders, student; Amanda Keim, student; Tim Williams, high school principal; and Dana Rasmussen, Troy Daily Newspaper.




There were no public comments heard.






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Ceal Turnbull, MEHS Counselor, and two students involved in the Miami East High School�s Pride in M.E. club attended the evening�s meeting.The group discussed the goals associated with forming the group, activities they have completed, and goals for the remainder of the year.The Pride in M.E. Club was formed two years ago as part of the Astra Club.The Club received a grant last year and recently learned they will be receiving another grant this year.Annie Sanders and Amanda Keim shared activities completed by the club, including: efforts to beautify the campus, Angel Tree at Christmas, Spirit wristbands passed out in the buildings, and the Valentines for Veterans program.The group was recognized by the Board of Education for their efforts to inspire a greater level of school pride.




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A.     ����Approval of the minutes of the regular board meeting of

��� November 20, 2006, as presented by the treasurer.��


B.     ����Approval of the financial statements for November, 2006.

C.     Approval of A Resolution Declaring The Intention To Proceed

Under The Alternative Tax Document Format Provided Under Section 5705.281

Of The Ohio Revised Code And To Refrain From The Preparation Of A Tax

Budget For The Fiscal Year 2008, And Authorizing And Directing The Chief

Fiscal Officer Of The Miami East Local School Board of Education To Prepare

And To Submit To The Miami County Budget Commission Such Information And

Documents As Are Necessary Incident To Said Process And Submission, And To

Take Such Other Actions As May Be Reasonably Necessary Incident Thereto, as

prepared by legal counsel for the Miami County Budget Commission.


D. Approval to appoint Brad Burton, as president pro temp, for the re-organizational

meeting, to be held at the Miami East Jr.High/Elementary School

on January 9, 2007. The FY 2008 Alternative Budget Document will be

reviewed at this meeting.


E. Approval of the annual 2007 membership dues, annual Briefcase

subscription, and subscription to School Management News.


F.      Approval of a lease agreement with Brian Francis, for rental of farm

land for the 2007 season, for 22 acres more or less, and to be farmed at $90.00

per acre.


- FY 2008 Alternative Budget Document



- School Finance Newsletter -




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1.       Approval of sub teachers who have been approved by the Miami

County Educational Service Center and on file in the central office. These are

all on an as needed basis for the 2006-07 school year. The board-approved rate of pay has been set at $75.00 per day through 10th consecutive day and $83.00 per day from 11th day through 60 days in the same position, then placed on beginning salary schedule > >>  








2. Acceptance of Dean Maxsons resignation as High School Varsity Assistant

Boys Basketball Coach, effective 12/11/06.


3. Approval of the following supplemental contract for the

2006-07 school year, effective December 11, 2006.


High School

Boys Varsity Asst. Basketball Coach Casey Clawson

Step 0 @ 2/3 of stipend











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                         - The Board Balancing Professional Expertise and Good Board Service

- The Miami East Education Association December newsletter was shared with
the Board of Education. Mr. Rappold recognized the MEEAs recent chicken
noodle fundraiser which raised money for the Associations annual scholarship
program. Over 150 dinners were sold, allowing over $500 to be given for


- Mr. Rappold recognized the Troy Daily News and thanked them for the very
nice article regarding Chris Shaws continued time and effort with the
elementary program and Sarah the Reading Dog.


- Mr. Rappold thanked Mr. Miller and Mr. Burton for attending and participating
in the Honors Government class debate earlier this week.


- A letter from SJK International, regarding the Honey Creek Development, was
shared with the Board of Education.


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EXECUTIVE SESSION: Evaluation of the Superintendent. The Board of Education proceeded to Executive session for the purpose of evaluating the Superintendent. The Board of Education returned to the public session and acted upon the agreed upon evaluation. The Board approved a three-year contract, with a 3% pay increase for the 2006-2007 school year for the Superintendent of Miami East.




- General Discussion(s)




ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.





NEXT MEETING (Re-Organizational)


January 9, 2007

7:00 P.M.