Review of December 20, 2005

Regular Board Meeting


Mark Davis, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., held at Miami East PreK-8 School. The country was honored by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Mark Davis, Rusty Miller, Lucy Taylor, and Harold Brumfield in attendance.

Also in attendance were Allen Mack, Aprill Brandon, Carolyn Grimm, Alice Beeman, and Doug Larson.


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Good News Recognition


Doug Larson, Chairperson for the Miami East Education Foundation conducted the Foundation’s quarterly report to the Board of Education.  Mr. Larson reported that the Foundation’s balance as of November 29, 2005 was $72,371.00.  In addition, Mr. Larson described how the Teacher Grant program, initiated by the Foundation, awarded two grants to Miami East Staff members during the first staff in-service day.  These grants included $900.00 to second grade teachers for a creative space camp project that will be held in the spring and $900.00 to the fifth grade to help defer costs associated with participating in the Muse Machine Program.  In addition, Mr. Larson informed the Board that three original members of the Foundation are at the end of their terms.  Both Mr. Larson and Mrs. Hawkins will remain active participants of the Foundation, but are giving up their seats on the Foundation’s Board.  Mrs. Buse has agreed to remain on the Board, although her term had expired.  In order to fill the openings on the Foundation’s Board an informational meeting was held in the Fall and several parents and community members have expressed an interest in running for these open positions.  The MEEF will meet in January to elect new members to open positions.  Mr. Rappold, Mr. Sommer, and Mr. Davis thanked Mr. Larson and Mrs. Hawkins for the time and effort put into the formation of the MEEF and expressed appreciation for the creation of new grant opportunities as a result of the Foundation’s tremendous efforts.



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Treasurer’s Report:


A.         Approval of the minutes of the regular board meeting of

    November 15, 2005, as presented by the treasurer.  


B.         Approval of the financial statements for November, 2005.







DECEMBER 20, 2005



C.         Approval of a resolution declaring the intention to proceed

                      under the Alternative Tax Document Format provided under Section 5705.281

                      of the Ohio Revised Code and to refrain from the preparation of a tax Budget

                       for the fiscal year 2007, and authorizing and directing the chief fiscal officer of

                       the Miami East Local School Board of Education to prepare and to submit to

                       the Miami County Budget Commission such information and documents as

                      are necessary incident to said process and submission, and to take such other

                      actions as may be reasonably necessary incident thereto, as prepared by legal

                      counsel for the Miami County Budget Commission. 



D.        Approval to purchase liability, property and fleet insurance from

   The Ohio School Plan through the Hylant Administrative Services for

   February 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007. 



            E.       Approval to appoint Mark Davis, as president pro temp, for the re-organizational
                       meeting, to be held at the Miami East Jr. High/Elementary 

          School on January 10, 2006.  The FY 2007 Alternative Budget Document

          will be reviewed at this meeting.


F.          Approval of the annual 2006 membership dues, annual Briefcase

                      subscription, and subscription to School Management News.  The Miami East  
                       Board of Education chose to decline receiving the “Briefcase” and OSBA news
                       subscriptions for the 2005-2006 school year as a cost-saving measure for the


G.         Approval of a lease agreement with Brian Francis, for rental of farm

          land for the 2006            season, for 22 acres more or less, and to be farmed at $90.00

          per acre. 





                                -       FY 2007 Alternative Budget Document -

                                -       “School Finance” Newsletter -

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Superintendent’s Report:     

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         A.      EMPLOYMENT ITEMS:


                       1.           Approval of Heather Lewis and Brandy Norman, as Reading
                Intervention tutors, at the approved tutor rate of pay, submitted per time
            sheet on a weekly basis beginning December 5, 2005, on an as needed
            basis for the 2005-06 school year only.



DECEMBER 20, 2005


     2.              Approval of sub teachers who have been approved by the
              Miami County Educational Service Center and on file in the central
              office.  These are all on an as needed basis for the 2005-06 school year. 
              The board-approved rate of pay has been set at $73.00 per day through
              10th consecutive day and $83.00 per day from 11th day through 60 days in
              the same position, then placed on beginning salary schedule.


     3.                 Approval of the revision of Jill Huelskamp’s two year limited contract, as a special education one-on-one aide, at 7 hours per day to 6 ½

hours per day, per the daily junior high class schedule, step 3, effective November 1, 2005 for the remainder of the 2005-06 school year.


                      4.                 Approval of Ellen Donnelly’s request for a unpaid leave of

                          absence on January 12, 2006.


     5.     Approval of the following certificated personnel for upgrade

                          of degree, effective at the beginning of the 2005-06 school year, on the

approved salary schedules:


            Megan Noll – BS to BS+150


           6.    Approval of the following person for a supplemental contract,      

            effective for the 2nd semester of the 2005-06 school year, at the board approved

rate of pay:



Department Head - Math– Tricia Brautigam – ½ stipend



Approval of the Board Policies changes as presented for            

review at the November meeting.





                               Approval of the MOU with the Miami East Association of
                      Support Personnel with regard to seniority placement.    




                              Approval of the grievance settlement with MEASP with                 

                        regard to the aide position.







DECEMBER 20, 2005



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Other Informational/Discussion Items:


                          -      The Board – “Research on Homework” & “A Leader’s Voice and the
                    Power of Repetition”, “Research on Homework”-  Addendum #8


        -      Ohio Department of Education’s letter regarding Miami East’s HQT status


  -      Job descriptions for the following positions have been updated:

Clerk/Cashier/EMIS Coordinator

High School Secretary

High School Guidance/Athletic Secretary

                                    High School Attendance Secretary

                                    Junior High Secretary

Elementary Secretary

Jr. High/Elementary Secretary/Cashier

                                    Technology Facilitator

                                    Technical Support Specialist                     

Educational Aide

Library Aide

Head Cook

                                    Assistant Cook (Dishwasher) K-8

                                    Assistant Cook (Server)

Cashier/K-8 Lunchroom

Handicapped Bus Aide



These job descriptions are being presented as an informational item during the month of December. - 


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                        -      MEEA Newsletter -


                        -      Budget reductions effective December 1, 2005

                                Discussion of possible scenarios for 2006-07 school year -


Board Members’ Comments:


       -       General Discussion(s)




NEXT MEETING (Re-Organizational)


January 10, 2005

7:00 P.M.