Review of April 20, 2004

����������������������� ����������������������� ����������� Regular Board Meeting




�� �������� Mark Davis, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., held at Miami EastHigh School.The country was honored by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Harold Brumfield, Mark Davis, and Rusty Miller in attendance.Lucy Taylor was unable to attend since recent surgery.



Public input as required by law on the Special Education, Part B-Idea was held, but no one was in attendance for this.




Kathy La Sota, from OSBA, Executive Search Services shared information with the board

about OSBA and its five phase search process for administrators.




-                      Approved the minutes of the March 23, 2004 regular board meeting.


-                      Approved the financial statements of March 2004.


- Approved to contract with the Local Government Services, Division of the

Auditor of State, to supervise the preparation of the fiscal year 2004 G.A.A.P.

financial statements, at a cost not to exceed $3,600.00.


-                      Reviewed the bids for the technology package, water tower electric and plumbing

packages, and the plumbing package for the high school Science rooms renovation

project. The bids were basically at projected cost.


- Approved the resolution, prepared by Peck, Shaffer, & Williams, LLP, authorizing issuance of $2,000,000.00 of Bond Anticipation Notes after submission to electors.


-                      Approved the resolution, prepared by Peck, Shaffer, & Williams, LLP, approving

detailed estimate of construction cost and construction documents and authorizing

the commencement of bidding including the advertisement for and the review of bids

for a certain bid package related to an Ohio School Facilities Commission Expedited Local Partnership Program Project consisting of a new Pre K-8 School.




VIKING HALL Dr. Lewis thanked Mr. Tim Williams, high school principal, and his staff

for the work that they did to hold the board meeting in Viking Hall.


Construction Update Kent Buehrer shared information on the bid projects that was held recently. He presented to the board the vendors for approval on the technology bid, plumbing

bid for the high school Science rooms renovation, electrical and plumbing bid for the water tower, telephone system, network electronics, and instructional delivery system for the new Pre

K-8 School.


T. C. Caruso noted the building is still on schedule, on budget, and the contingency funds were in good shape.


Auction of Older School Buildings and Equipment - Dr. Lewis shared that Paul Gearhardt

and Mike Havenar are preparing for the auction, which has tentatively been set for June 19th.

More information will be given at the May board meeting.

All Day/Every Day Kindergarten Dr. Lewis presented information on the kindergarten roundup that was held on March 24th and said a total of sixty-six (66) students had been registered. There have been inquiries of about eight (8) for open enrollment, those outside the district. Interest forms were distributed with the registration packets, and a total of 20 parents expressed written interest in the all day/every day program.


TECHNOLOGY CONSIDERATIONS Dr. Lewis shared with the board information that had been provided in their packet, regarding the technology tasks for the move into the new building during the summer, which had been compiled by the technology supervisor, and told them this would be discussed in executive session.



The board moved to go into executive session at 8:37 p.m. for discussion of sale of properties

and equipment, employment, and assignment of personnel. They returned to open session at 10:00 p.m..




> >> >










Employment Items:

- Approved acceptance of Derik Shirleys letter of resignation, effective at the end of the 2003-04

school year.


- Approved acceptance of Barbara Forsthoefels letter of resignation, effective August 26, 2004.


- Approved Shelly Bairs request for maternity leave from May 10, 2004 to the end of the 2003-04 school year.


- Approved Heather Gillilands request for reduction of her teaching contract from full time to part time, effective for the 2004-05 school year.


- Approved Suzanne Krites unpaid leave of absence, without pay, for April 12, 2004.


- Approved Sandy Jess limited contract, from a one year to a two year limited, effective

August 20, 2004.


- Approved the non-renewal of the following classified employees limited contracts, effective at the close of the 2003-04 school year: Terrie Iams, as sub caller, Cindy Minton, EMIS, Diane Littlejohn,

part time custodian at junior high, Marilyn Reynolds, transportation coordinator, and Craig Vasil

as aide for noon supervision.


- Approved non-renewal of all spring supplemental contracts, for personnel outside the teaching staff of Miami East, effective at the close of the 2003-04 school year season.






- Approved the renewal of the following certified teaching contracts, effective for the 2004-05

school year, on the approved teacher salary schedules as follows:


CONTINUING: Noelle Mumpower-Davis, Chad Widener and Carmen Richters

THREE-YEAR LIMITED: Shelly Bair, Kathleen Blair, David Brush, Rita Burnside,

Katherine Peters-Crosby, Joyce Demmitt, Ellen Donnelly, Denise Gibson, Michael

Landis, Jennifer McCuistion, Jeffrey Smith, Cindy St. Denis, Carol Sutherly, Carla

Vandever and Christopher Weddle


TWO-YEAR LIMITED: Lisa Arnold, Ellen Brown, Stephanie Larson, Megan Noll

and Angela Sandlin


ONE-YEAR LIMITED: Wade Meyers, Bruce Vanover, Kevin Evans, Jerry Black,

Gary Church and Preston Elifritz


- Approved the renewal of the following classified contracts, effective for the 2004-05 school year,

on the approved classified category salary schedules as follows:



Secretary - Cindy Hirsch and Christine Perry

Aides - Library - Christine Shaw and Marisa Diegel

Bus Driver - Marsha Cremeans

- Approved a two-year limited non-exempt classified contract for Luann Rozell, effective for the 2004-05 school year.


- Approved sub teachers who have been approved by the Miami County Educational Service Center, and on file in the central office.


- Approved posting of two (2) adult summer workers, at $10.00 per hour, and not to exceed

forty (40) hours for each in the month of June only.


- Approved posting for one (1) student summer worker for the high school, beginning June 7, 2004

and ending August 13, 2004, not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours per week, at minimum wage.


- Approved substitute teacher rate of pay for the 2004-05 school year of $73.00/day for ten (10)

consecutive days, and $83.00/day from 11th through 60th days.


- Approved Scott Maxson, for summer mowing on an as needed basis, at the rate of $7.50 per hour.


- Approved a Grandparent Agreement for Jeremiah Batdorf with Piqua City Schools for the

2004-05 school year.


- Approved Dylan Little, student at South Elementary, to complete his school year since family

has moved.


- Approved the change order to demolish existing wastewater treatment plant at $16,750.


- Approved the change order to add colored VCT floor pattern to the auditeria of the new school at



- Approved Jeffrey Lewis teaching assignment at the University of Dayton, 4:30 7:45 p.m., on Monday and Wednesday, from May 10 through June 18, 2004.


- Approved the revised Miami East Education Foundation Constitution and By-Laws.


- Approved Memorandums of Understanding with Miami East Association of Support Professionals, regarding bus driver safety meetings, payment for training, and settlement agreement on vacancies.


- Approved all day/everyday kindergarten class, with a cost set at $50.00 per week, with a minimum

number of students set at 15, and a maximum set at 20.


- Approved a resolution, prepared by Peck, Shaffer & Williams, LLP, expressing an intent to award construction contract and authorizing the president and treasurer to enter into said contract upon compliance with all conditions precedent related to a new Pre K-8 Facility.


- Approved Lochard Inc., for the plumbing bid for the high school Science rooms renovation,

at a cost of $41,025.00.


- Approved ORE Electric, for the electrical bid for the water tower, for the new Pre K-8 School,

at a cost of $ 28,757.00.


- Approved H & K Construction, for the plumbing bid for the water tower, for the new Pre K-8 School, at a cost of $ 82,270.00.


- Approved NEC Corporation for IP Telephone System and Network Electronics, for the new Pre

K-8 School, at a cost of $140,990.00.


- Approved VSC Inc. for Instructional Delivery System, for the new Pre K-8 School and the three

high school Science rooms, at a cost of $260,885.00.


- Approved Martin Public Seating, Inc for the loose equipment package, for the new Pre K-8

School, at a cost of $297,831.32.

- Approved using Miami County Educational Service Center to handle the superintendents search.


- Under other informational, Rusty Miller will replace Mark Davis as a board member on the

Miami East Foundation.





Legislative and General Discussion - None




ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.





May 18, 2004

7:00 P.M.

Miami East High School