Review of May 18, 2004

����������������������� ����������������������� ����������� Regular Board Meeting




�� �������� Mark Davis, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., held at Miami EastHigh School.The country was honored by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call was taken with board members Brad Burton, Harold Brumfield, Mark Davis, Rusty Miller, and Lucy Taylor all in attendance.




����������� Miami East 2003-04 F.F.A. Officers and Ms. Rhoades, agriculture teacher, were recognized

for the outstanding successes of the F.F.A. programs this school year. The Miami East F.F.A. Chapter

ranks 2nd in the state out of 315 chapters, 3rd in the state in Community Development, 5th in the state in Student Development, 7th in the state in Chapter Development, had 8 State FFA Degree Recipients,

and 1 American FFA Degree recipient. Kelsey Deaton and Levi Long were recognized for the State honors they both received this year.




The board moved to go into executive session at 7:05 p.m. for discussion of employment, compensation of personnel and for selling property. They returned to open session at 10:02 p.m..





Carolyn Grimm, MEEA President, asked the board to use a site-based approach in the superintendent search process. She indicated that site base has been used successfully for years at Miami East and would allow teachers, administrators and support staff to have ownership in the selection.


Debbie Hunt complimented the board on the districts new building and encouraged adequate staffing of technology in the years to come.



-                      Approved the minutes of the April 20, 2004 regular board meeting.


-                      Approved the financial statements of April 2004.


- Approved participation in the Workers Compensation Group Rating Plan

for 2005 through SOEPC, with Comp Management, Inc.


-                      Mr. Sommer painted a gloomy picture of the district finances with a fund

balance on 6/30/04 of $38,038. He explained the long term funding picture

of five (5) years.


-                      Approved revision of the districts financial 5-year forecast for 2004-05.


- Approved Option #2 bid, at $107,600 for the playground package for the new

Pre K-8 building.






- Approved the resolution, prepared by Peck, Shaffer, & Williams, LLP, expressing

an intent to award construction contract and authorizing the president and

treasurer to enter into said contract upon compliance with all conditions precedent

related to a new Pre K-8 facility.


-                      Approved combining the newspaper and yearbook accounts into the Yearbook

Student Activity Fund and transferring the balance of the Newspaper Account to

the Yearbook fund.


-                      Approved combining the Drama Club and Performing Arts accounts into a single

Performing Arts Fund and transferring the balance of the Performing Arts Student

Activity Fund to the new fund The Performing Arts Student Activity Fund.


-                      Approved a resolution, prepared by the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission,

Resolution By the School District Board Acknowledging The Commissions Design

Phase Review Comments for the loose furnishings package construction documents

phase for the new Pre K-8 building.


-                      Approved a resolution, prepared by the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission,

Resolution By the School District Board Acknowledging The Commissions Design

Phase Review Comments for the new elevated water storage tank construction

documents phase for the new Pre K-8 building.


-                      Mr. Sommer shared with the board that the Miami East Foundation has asked if

the Scholarship Funds: Morris and Mildred Duer Scholarship Fund, Boak-Gilmer

Music Scholarship, Linda Roth Scholarship and Zach Perry Memorial Scholarship

can be moved under their umbrella.





Construction Update Kent Buehrer shared information on the bid projects that was held recently. He provided information regarding technology change orders and building progress.

The board approved three change orders as suggested by Mr. Buehrer.


T.C. Caruso informed the board that the school was still on time and on budget. He gave a detailed account of the water tower progress, and specific information regarding the status of the school. He suggested that everyone sees the new pictures on the web site and that the Intermediate trailers be moved to the high school in June.


Dr. Lewis said the Miami East Foundation is still excited about its prospects. The board met with a facilitator in May and created a strategic plan. They hope to share the plan at a summer school board meeting.




Auction of Older School Buildings and Equipment - Set for June 26, 2004, with Mike Havenar and Paul Gearhardt leading the process.


Project Trailer - The trailer will be used as long as needed and then available for sale.




> >> >










Employment Items:

- Approved rescinding Carmen Ritchers continuing contract as approved at the

April meeting.


- Approved Jim Riley, to assist with EMIS year end reporting, on an as needed basis,

not to exceed $500.00.


- Approved voluntary assignments for school year 2004-05 as follows:


Preston Elifritz Kindergarten or Kindergarten &

Reading Intervention Coordinator

Stephanie Larson Grade 3


- Approved John Hermes, tech supervisor at ESC, to facilitate the technology

transition, on as needed basis, not to exceed $10,560.


- Approved phone installation position, on as needed basis, not to exceed 240 hours,

per time sheet submission, at $11.00/hour.


- Approved Eric Putnam, to coordinate/supervise the IP Telephone training and

installation, and to supervise technology transition for July (21 days), on as needed

basis, at his per diem rate of pay.


- Approved contracting with Kimberly Rupert to maintain and upgrade the districts

web site for the 2004-05 school year.


- Approved sub teachers who have been approved by the Miami County Educational Service Center, and on file in the central office.


- Approved Kathryn McCuistion, as summer student worker, effective June 7 through

August 13, 2004, not to exceed 24 hours per week.


- Approved of the following persons for supplemental contracts, effective for the 2004-05 school year, based on their years of experience, at the board approved rate of pay:



Strength Conditioning Coach Max Current

Site Manager (Fall only) Bruce Vanover

Head Football Coach Max Current Step 6

Asst. Football Coach Mark Rose Step 5

Asst. Football Coach John Apple Step 6

Asst. Football Coach Craig Vasil Step 0

Head Boys Soccer Coach Manuel Perez Step 6

Asst. Boys Soccer Coach Preston Elifritz Step 1

Asst. Girls Soccer Coach Emalie Carson Step 3

Head Boys Basketball Coach Kevin Evans Step 1

Boys Varsity Asst. Basketball Coach Craig Vasil Step 1

Head Girls Basketball Coach Chad Widener Step 3

Asst. Girls Basketball Coach Elizabeth Stapleton Step 1

Asst. Varsity Basketball Coach Scott Lanning Step 2

Head Boys Track Coach Craig Vasil Step 1

Head Girls Track Coach Bruce Vanover Step 1

High School Ticket Sales Keith Martin & Sharon Martin

High School Head Cheerleader Advisor Pam Rice Step 1


Head 7th Football Coach Bruce Vanover Step 1

Asst. 7th Football Coach Gary Church Step 0

Head 7th Boys Basketball Coach Jeffrey Mullins Step 1

8th Girls Volleyball Coach Suzanne Krites Step 3

8th Girls Basketball Coach Bruce Vanover Step 2

7th Girls Basketball Coach Dean Denlinger Step 1

- Approved 3 days as early release days (May 26, 27, & 28) for seniors.


- Approved graduation for the Class of 2004, 105 seniors, set for May 30, 2004,

2:00 P.M., at Miami East High School.


- Approved acceptance, with appreciation, of 1,000 boxes from Little Professor

Bookstore (through Terrie Iams), and 250 boxes from Kevin and Beth Ann

Miller, for moving purposes.


- Approved membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association for grades

7-12 for the 2004-05 school year.




Legislative and General Discussion - None




ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m.








June 22, 2004

7:00 P.M.

Miami East High School