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    Name:  Mr. Bruce Vanover
    Grade/Subject: High School Credit Recovery and Math Assistance Course (M.A.C)
    Phone/Ext.: 937-335-7070 Ext. 3104
    Building/Room No.: 104

    Hello, my name is Bruce Vanover and I am the Credit Recovery and Math Assistance Course (M.A.C.) teacher, as well as the high school girl's golf and basketball coach here at Miami East.  I am Fifty-two years old.  I was born in Tacoma, Washington; however, I have spent most of my life right here in Miami County.  I graduated from Troy High School in 1984, received my bachelor's degree from Urbana University in 2002 and my Masters of Education Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2006.  I have been married to my wife, Rhonda, for almost twenty-eight years. 

    Rhonda and I have three children.  We have one son, Kyle, who is thirty-three; Kyle graduated from the Golf Academy of America with an associates degree in Golf Course Operations.  Rhonda and I also have two daughters, Brooke is twenty-six and Terra is twenty-four.  Brooke received her Associates of Science Degree from Edison Community College.  She is employed as a State Certified Nursing Assistant (STNA).  Terra earned an Associates of Science Degree from Edison Community College prior to completing high school, and she earned her second Associates Degree, this time in Nursing.  She is currently employed as a Registered Nurse.  Rhonda and I have three grandchildren (all boys); Ayden, Carter, and Liam.
    In our spare time, Rhonda and I enjoy taking long road trips on our motorcycle each summer, attending car cruise-ins in our 1949 Ford, and spending countless hours with our three grandsons.
    The boys   Harley Electra Glide   Big Dog   1949 Ford  
    It is hard to believe, but I am entering my sixteenth year in teaching; however, prior to becoming a teacher I spent sixteen years working for ITW (Illinois Tool Work Company)/Hobart Brothers Company in Troy and Piqua, Ohio.  I served as a manufacturing manager for the last nine years.  After doing some coaching at the varsity level, I decided that I wanted to pursue a teaching career, which would provide me with the opportunity to spend more time working with young people.  And, after three brutal years of working and going to school full time, I finally graduated and changed careers.  As a teacher, I have discovered that I must constantly be looking for ways to change and improve my teaching, which is why I enjoy this profession.
    As a teacher here at Miami East High School, I want to let you know that I am excited about the opportunity to work with every student.  It is a real joy to watch these young boys and girls grow into fine young adults in the short amount of time that they spend here at Miami East High School.





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