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    Creating opportunities for the students of Miami East schools . . .

    The Foundation exists to support the enrichment of Miami East students through scholarships and school personnel grants.  To date, the Foundation has awarded over $256,000 in scholarships and grants—a feat made possible through the support of many caring individuals in the Miami East community.

    Background:  In 2003-2004, the Miami East Board of Education, acting upon recommendations gathered through the Miami East Local Schools and Community Strategic Planning process, approved the establishment of the Miami East Education Foundation to provide financial support not available through public funds.  The Foundation was established as a component fund of the Troy Foundation.*

    Mission of the Foundation:  To enhance the educational experience of Miami East students.

    Goals of the Foundation

    • To raise, maintain, and distribute funds to be awarded as scholarships for graduating Miami East students and as grants for school personnel.  (Grants are awarded to school personnel for programs and materials designed to enrich the learning experiences of students.)
    • To strengthen partnerships among businesses, community members, and Miami
      East Schools.

    *In the Internal Revenue Code, The Troy Foundation is categorized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, publicly-supported charitable organization.  Because the Miami East Education Foundation (MEEF) is a component fund of The Troy Foundation, donations to MEEF qualify for the maximum allowable tax deduction for charitable donations.  Please check with your tax consultant for details.


    We are grateful for your continuing support.  Without you, the Foundation could not function.

    Donations of any amount can be made any time. 

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