• Waiting in the Wings

    For many years, the MELS has needed a central meeting place for school and community events. The current high school gymnasium has served as that place. As anyone knows, who has ever attended a play, musical program, graduation exercise, alumni meeting, or any other such event, it definitely has limitations. Seating is always a problem, and acoustics are very poor.
    While the gym has served us well, it was never meant to be a theater or a meeting place; it was meant to be a classroom and an arena for sports contests. What we need is a facility to house the events that are not “gym-friendly”. We need a Center for the Performing Arts. Of course, such a structure does not appear magically because it is needed, but a movement is afoot to investigate the possibility of funding such a center.
    Eagerly anticipating our help are students and community members, current and future, who know that the quality of our ME performing arts program can be raised to even higher levels in the proper setting—a place that will showcase their talents and nurture their dreams. Our students already know both the thrill and hard work of performance. We’ve been demonstrating for years that we can take limited resources and produce dynamic opportunities and results. Now is the time to expand the resources and soar to new heights in the performing arts.
    Waiting in the Wings is a citizen initiative aspiring to build an auditorium and center for the study and presentation of the performing arts in MELS. Volunteers are needed now to see a facility open. Will you help us move toward the spotlight? Contact us at  wings2me@aol.com.
Last Modified on June 30, 2009