Honors Chemistry II
    In Honors Chem II, students will learn much about chemistry and its applications.  Equally important, students learn what it takes to succeed in a challenging college environment.  The course will move rapidly. Students must develop independent learning skills in order to keep pace.  Honors Chem II is a second year course, expanding in breadth and depth the foundations of first year Chemistry.  Many students are enrolled concurrently in CC+ Calculus or Pre-calculus. 
    Review of Chemistry
    Due to the pace of the course, it is important that the student review essential concepts. See the following links.  www.chemreview.net, - log in as a guest. Do not create an account.


    Course Content


    A detailed syllabus is given for each portion of the course at the start of the year. Students will be given the syllabus for both CHEM 216 and CHEM 217 at the start of the year. Students should be certain to keep these documents as many universities will request them before giving college credit.




    The following texts will be used for the course.

    • Brown, Theodore, LeMay, Bursten, & Murphy.  Chemistry:  The Central Science, 14th ed (AP edition), Pearson Education, Inc (20017). 
    • Waterman, Edward L.  AP*Chemistry,  Pearson Education, Inc. (2009)
    • Vonderbrink, Sally Ann.  Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry, 2nd edition, Batavia IL Flinn Scientific (2006)
    • Randall, Jack, et al. Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, Beaverton, OR: Vernier Software & Technology,2nd ed (2014)



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