Honors Chemistry II
    In Honors Chem II, students will learn much about chemistry and its applications.  Equally important, students learn what it takes to succeed in a challenging college environment.  The course will move rapidly students must develop independent learning skills in order to keep pace.  Honors Chem II is a second year course, expanding in breadth and depth the foundations of first year Chemistry.  Many students are enrolled concurrently in CC+ Calculus or Pre-calculus. 
    Review of Chemistry
    Due to the pace of the course, it is important that the student review essential concepts. See the following links.  www.chemreview.net,
              www.nhschemistry.org - log in as guest only, do not create an account.


    Course Content


    A detailed syllabus is attached.  Course Outline




    The following texts will be used for the course.

    • Brown, Theodore, LeMay, Bursten, & Murphy.  Chemistry:  The Central Science, 14th ed (AP edition), Pearson Education, Inc (20017). 
    • Waterman, Edward L.  AP*Chemistry,  Pearson Education, Inc. (2009)
    • Vonderbrink, Sally Ann.  Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry, 2nd edition, Batavia IL Flinn Scientific (2006)
    • Randall, Jack, et al. Advanced Chemistry with Vernier, Beaverton, OR: Vernier Software & Technology,2nd ed (2014)



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