• Muse Machine
    Miami East High School Muse Machine
    Advisor:  Kristy Hurst 
    E-Mail Mrs. Hurst at: khurst@miamieast.k12.oh.us
    The Mission of The Muse Machine
    The mission of the Muse Machine is to enhance the lives of young people by providing students and educators opportunities to experience and value the arts.
    The arts are integral to human development.   
    Participation in the arts has a significant positive effect on student learning and academic success.
    Young people who experience the arts will value and support the arts as adults. 
    Arts experiences develop awareness of a variety of cultures and perspectives.   
    Teachers who integrate their own arts experiences into instruction enhance student learning and better meet the needs of diverse learners.
    The Muse Machine operates on the belief that there is a a basic need for personal involvement on the aesthetic level of human existence and that there is a profoundly meaningful contribution made by the arts to every aspect of human life.
    Art is expression.  We attach great importance to individual capacity, viewpoint, choice, and action. Self-expression, as manifested in arts, shows a person to be unique. Art gives voice to the self.
    Art is communication.  It is through the act of communication that people can relate themselves to other people, near and far, in time and space. Art as a means of communication has many implications for our lives and our education. In these times when the development, even perhaps the survival, of the human race depends upon full and successful intercultural communication, we must realize that the aesthetic level of human interaction is indispensable.
    Art is discovery.  To be alive is to be aware, active, involved. Art increases our state of aliveness by expanding and developing our sense of awareness.  Art discovers, heightens, and refines life experience.
    Art is enchantment.  Art can touch every phase of human life and make it more beautiful and comfortable. It functions not only to enrich our existence, but also to steer us to new forms of beauty.
    The Purpose of Muse Machine
    The purpose of the Muse Machine is to give students the opportunity to experience and enjoy the arts.  Members get to attend four in-school performances by professional artists.  They also have the opportunity to sign up for out-of-school performances at a very low cost to the student.  School transportation is provided at $10.00 per trip, with a cap of $25.00 per year.   The performing art forms include: ballet, modern dance, opera, plays, musicals, improvisation, symphonies, and other creative art forms.  Members are also eligible to try out for the annual Muse Machine musical, which is performed at the Victoria Theater every January.  The Miami East Muse Machine Club is open to all students: 9th thru 12th grade.
Last Modified on September 10, 2018