• 2022-2023 Wrestling
    2022 JH Wrest
    Miami East Athletic Forms:
    Some things we can work on between seasons:
    Off Season tournaments.
    For Information on spring through fall tournaments go to
    http://ohiotournaments.com/. You can only wrestle in opens after our seson is over Feb. 11.
    Open Mats.
    Get stronger.
    Push-ups, Pull-ups, sit-ups, and dips are all good exercises.  When you get the chance to do some hard work -- you should.
    Do another sport in the offseason.
    Football is a great sport that compliments wrestling.   Soccer and cross country are great for endurance.  Run track to work on your speed and quickness.  Have fun!
    Keep your grades up!!!!!!!
    The better your grades are in school -- the more opportunities you will have through-out your life.
Last Modified on March 28, 2023