• Qualifying for Title I Services at Miami East 

    Students qualify for Title I services based on academic need. A variety of assessment data is used to target those students who are struggling to meet Ohio’s challenging academic standards in language arts and math. Once students are identified, Title I teachers and tutors work with the classroom teachers to provide individualized and small group instruction to improve these skills. 
    Title I offers your child:
    - Smaller class size
    - Classroom support
    - Individualized and small group instruction designed to meet the unique needs of each child
    - Extra learning experiences designed to reinforce and enrich regular classroom activities
    - A variety of teaching methods and materials
    - Title I teachers and regular classroom teachers working closely together to support your child  

    Parents Right to Know
    Parents will be informed of their child’s level of achievement in each of the State Academic Assessments.  
    Parents may request information regarding professional qualifications of classroom teachers and paraprofessionals by contacting your school or the District’s Human Resource Office.  

    Parent Involvement
    The Miami East Local School District believes parent involvement plays a key role in student success.   
    Let your child see you:
    - Read newspapers, magazines and books.
    - Write letters, grocery lists, a journal etc.
    - Use math to prepare budgets, compare recipes, etc.
    - Make learning fun.
    Help your child to build language, math and reading skills during:
    - Games– provide crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot drawings, word games, etc.
    - Outings– help your child read signs while shopping or traveling.
    - Trips– ask your child to read and tell you where you are going; count license plates from different states.  
    Take advantage of resources at the:
    - Public library– visit it together often; help your child pick out books to read just for fun.
    - Child’s school- ask if you can borrow materials.
    - Read to your child: Even if he/she can already read, talk about the story; ask what  might happen next.  
Last Modified on April 15, 2015