Strategic Plan

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    In 1993, The Miami East School District created its first strategic plan, and for the following seven years, the document was a blueprint for success. A fluid process allowed Miami East to address six target goal areas: curriculum, staff development, finances, facilities, technology and communication. Having served a valuable purpose, the 1993 goals were fulfilled.

    In 2000, a new strategic plan was formulated, and it will provide the same clarity of purpose and direction as the 1993 program. Parents, staff members, community representatives, administrators and the board of education are working together to develop the strategic plan and ensure its implementation. The plan will be reviewed annually, and school personnel will use the mission, belief statements and strategic goals as the focus of Miami East's programs and projects. The plan will provide assurances that any changes in the school program will have a positive impact on student learning in Miami East Schools.

    In May 2020, a new Five-Year Strategic was revised and implemented. Five areas of improvement and continued focus were identified by a group of administrators, Board of Education members, staff, parents, and community members. Immediately, the committees began meeting to discuss and create an action plan. The various sub committees will annually report to the Miami East Board of Education the progress for each group and establish the goals for the following year.

    Our Vision Statement

    "The mission of our school is the development of the mind, character, and physical well-being of our students through the creation of an environment fostering academic excellence, maturity, responsibility and mutual respect." Expected Learning Results for Every Student: Masters of Basic Skills: Reading - Writing - Listening - Speaking - Computer

    All students are expected to:

    • demonstrate effective reading, writing, listening, speaking, and computational skills;
    • demonstrate mastery of their courses of study; demonstrate technological literacy and the use of technology as a tool for the efficient and creative completion of a project.



                Because the students of Miami East are equipped with a variety of aptitudes and abilities, we, the staff and administration of the school, feel a unique responsibility in subscribing to a philosophy that will assist each student in our school community in the development of every facet of his being: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual.

                It is our belief that we have a privilege and a responsibility to guide our students to become productive, useful, young citizens in a challenging world.  Our objectives, therefore, must be directed toward the following aims:


    1.To provide curriculum that allows for differences in the student's abilities and yet, challenges him to develop fully the academic power he possesses.

    2. To provide a curriculum that offers a sense, of direction for every student and awards him with the satisfaction of accomplishment.

    3. To provide the best possible instruction by availing ourselves of the  
            opportunity to enrich ourselves intellectually.

    4. To keep abreast of the best in current thought concerning youth's needs and to weigh carefully what procedures should be accepted to meet those needs.

    5. To provide our students with a well-developed program of both individual
            guidance and group guidance.

    6. To provide effective library services and instructional materials.

    7. To provide adequate programs geared toward building strong bodies as   
                well as alert minds.

    8. To cooperate with community organizations whose aim is to provide educational stimuli for our pupils.

    9. To be knowledgeable within our community and to seek the cooperation of the homes  represented in our school by keeping these homes well informed about the school's curriculum and its activities.

    10. To keep ever before us the knowledge that a school is no larger than its staff and administration, and to maintain the positive spirit that fosters an enthusiasm for our profession.





    Goal #1   A comprehensive staff development program will be refined and improved to meet the changing needs of all employees.

    Goal #2   Partnerships among students, staff members, parents, businesses, and community members will be promoted and expanded.

    Goal #3   To provide a safe,appropriate, cost effective and quality educational environment for students,staff members, and community members. Planning will focus on building,consolidating, and upgrading school facilities.

    Goal #4   Curriculum and Instruction.

    Goal #5   Technology Team.  The Action Planning Team will Use technology via a searchable database to align daily instruction,curriculum development, and resource allocation with the State Content Standards,thereby increasing the effectiveness of  instruction and student achievement.

    Facilitate the electronic capture of best teaching practices of Miami East teachers so that those practices can be shared with other teachers.  With the Smart board software currently available to teachers, classroom board notes, along with narration, can be easily captured in real time and saved to a video file for replay.

    Continue to support the school district’s website by making it easy for staff to publish directly to the site.  The goal of teacher-friendly web publishing is to increase the quality and frequency of communication between Miami East Local Schools and the parents of school age children in our community.