• 2021-2022 Board Goals

    1. To assist the Treasurer and Superintendent in development of
    a five (5) year plan to assess the fiscal needs of the district.

    2. To pursue financial stability by assessing the needs and taking
    action for additional revenue as needed.

    3. To support the administration team and staff members in the
    development of district goals that address Finance,
    Curriculum/Program, Staff Development, District
    Communication and Facility needs.

    4. To direct communication from the public to appropriate
    administrative channels.

    5. To develop and implement an annual schedule to review
    board goals and conduct self-evaluation.

    6. To support the continuation of a district strategic plan to
    facilitate the development of long range goals and direction
    for the accomplishment of those goals. 
    Reviewed: 10/15/2020
    Approved: 11/19/2020