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    We would like to all welcome all visitors Miami East! 

    Parent and community participation helps to ensure that the education of the students at Miami East continues to be a team effort.  When parents and community members actively participate in an activity or club at Miami East they leave a legacy that students will remember for a lifetime.  Often the fondest memories of school are those where a mentor or volunteer was there to make sure a student was successful.  We encourage everyone in the community to get involved.

    It's just like driving a car. If your rear view mirror were as big as your windshield, you wouldn't get very far. You would just sit there looking at what's behind you. Your windshield is larger because it is more important to focus on what is in front on you.  When you fix your eyes on your future, the past disappears.  Volunteers focus on what is ahead for students and help them to focus on their future.

    If you are a new parent to Miami East you may be asking yourself “how can I get involved”?  Miami East offers many opportunities for both parents and community members to play an important role in our district.  All three buildings welcome volunteers to assist staff members and students throughout the day.  If you would like to become a school volunteer contact any of our building administrators by phone or e-mail.  In addition, numerous committees and booster groups are always eager to welcome new members.  Groups include the athletic boosters, music boosters, and PTO groups just to name a few. 

    On the tool-Bar to the left you will find answers to many of the most asked questions.


Last Modified on June 30, 2021