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GrowNextGen Awards Teacher Leader of the Year

Jamie Brown



GrowNextGen Awards Teacher Leader of the Year

Casstown, Ohio – 11/7/23 


Mrs. Jamie Brown, a 6th-grade science teacher at Miami East Junior High, has been named the GrowNextGen Teacher Leader of the Year in recognition of her remarkable advocacy helping to connect the science of agriculture to classrooms across Ohio.  As a teacher leader, Mrs. Brown has advanced GrowNextGen's mission to make science more accessible and relatable through the real-world use of biology, chemistry, and environmental science.  


In addition to participating in national STEM initiatives, Mrs. Brown’s dedication to science education has particularly influenced her peers in Ohio. She is pivotal in facilitating teacher placements in externship programs with prominent agricultural companies. She presents at education conferences and her contributions on GrowNextGen’s teacher advisory committee help shape lessons and e-learning resources that are distributed statewide.


Jane Hunt, lead educator with the program, stated, "Jamie Brown's role as a GrowNextGen teacher leader is a prime example of empowering fellow teachers to make a profound impact in science education."


Mrs. Jamie Brown will be awarded the Teacher Leader of the Year accolade at the Ohio Soybean Council’s annual dinner on December 11, 2023.



GrowNextGen connects Ohio students to science and careers in modern agriculture through free classroom curriculum and resources, hands-on workshops for teachers, and an ambassador program. Backed by funding from the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio soybean farmers, GrowNextGen uses agriculture and food production topics in a thriving, high-tech industry to help teachers teach STEM through a real-world context. For additional program information, please contact Jane Hunt at connect@grownextgen.orgFor media inquiries, please contact Brad Wilson at