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Revised Hybrid split moving forward

County Risk

Revised Hybrid split moving forward

The goal for the District if Miami County were designated as a Red County Risk Level would be to have 50% of our students on campus.  If in the event the county were to move to the Red designation and we were to transition back to the Hybrid model (50% students every other day) the District would split the students the following way moving forward:

Students’ Last Name                         A-J

Students’ Last Name                         K-Z


The District will continue to follow the county risk level designations by the state to determine the educational plan it would follow.

Siblings in a household with different last name would follow the schedule with the last name of the oldest student in the household determining the day all children in that household would attend.



If Miami County moves to a Level 3 or Level 4 on a Thursday evening, the district would change the learning plan the upcoming Monday.